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We currently have 2 Sun Angels within iTAN.


Ergoline, the world-wide market leader in professional tanning units, has developed a sunbed that gives you an excellent tan while virtually eliminating the possibility of overexposure.


The SUN ANGEL is a truly innovative tanning bed with a variable UV spectrum and sensor-controlled tanning.


Naturally, the SUN ANGEL is German engineered and sets new standards of tanning technology in the world.


The new SUN ANGEL DUO gives you a choice. Thanks to two selectable programs, you can choose between Essential Sunshine with a program that emits a spectrum conducive to Vitamin D synthesis, or you can select Styling Sunshine for a perfectly customized tan! For medical reasons, we can offer you just Vitamin D to make you feel yourself!


With the SUN ANGEL DUO we can, with confidence, offer you the best of both worlds combined in one amazing tanning unit.


The high-profile design, full list of comfort features puts it in a class of its own. The SUN ANGEL is not only a persuasive option for you, but also for all of you that desire a natural-looking tan but are concerned about getting a sunburn. For this group of you, the SUN ANGEL is exactly what they've been looking for. 


You can relax and enjoy your session on the SUN ANGEL. However, the same rule applies as with tanning outdoors - don't overdo it! In other words, never sunbathe more than once a day. As a rule of thumb you need to sunbathe up to a maximum of 10 times over a period of two to three weeks to get a tan. After this, the tan will be retained if you use a tanning bed once or twice a week.

Check your skin type before you use the SUN ANGEL. Qualified salon staff should be able to assist you with this. You should not use the SUN ANGEL or sunbathe outdoors if you have fair, non-pigmented skin type 1. If you have sensitive skin, freckles, unusual or many moles, you should consult with your physician before tanning.

Undress before you take measurements with the SUN ANGEL sensor


Take off any jewelry you might be wearing.


Remove all cosmetics from your skin.

All of the measuring points on your body must not have lotion on them. This even applies to lotions designed for use with tanning beds. Lotions may invalidate the measurement.


Do not use any sunscreen lotions during tanning, as these can detract from the tanning effect.


Select an area with light or no hair growth for measuring.


Do not take any measurement twice and do not switch measurements.


If you do not measure your individual UV sensitivity using the SUN ANGEL sensor, the sunbed will start in a low-dose mode with a minimum of UV light.


If you are tanning for the first time, we recommend using only the minimum dose of UV light. Therefore, please leave the sensor in its holder.


If you are taking medication or suffer from a skin disorder, please be aware that certain medicines may be photosensitive. That is, they may cause an adverse reaction when the body is exposed to UV light. A list, which identifies many photosensitive medications, foods, and ingredients, should be on display in your salon.


Always consult your physician if you have any questions or concerns.


Keep your eyes closed while tanning and always wear protective goggles that block out UV light. Contact lenses should be removed prior to tanning.


Proper salon hygiene is of paramount importance to your health. The acrylic area must be cleaned with a special disinfectant before each tanning session.


If you are unsure how to use the SUN ANGEL, consult with the salon staff, who will advise you on proper procedures.






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